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I guess you are still Horny enough for a gang bang –– Well, money talks –– ten thousand if you win. What do you say? –I looked at him and as...ed,– and what if I lose? You see, I cannot have sex for nothing in return. I made my living through sex and still, sex is just for that, for me –-mm…okay, I will pay you five thousand even if you lose. But, I wanna record the scene –– not a problem. When and where? –– We are going there –– now? Okay, but first, I need my five thousand –– here –He said, as. So I dolled myself up a bit, put on a bit of make up though not too much because I didn't want to look trashy, and "hit the town" - so to speak.I was just eighteen at the time, but figured I could get away with it. I have long ginger hair that tends to frizz if I don't keep it under control, freckles, green eyes that tend to hide behind rather geeky looking glasses, full lips and a full figure. I would never go so far as to say I was fat, but I'm definitely on the curvy side.So, with my hair. Cup size, that is. He suggested I buy fresh cosmetics soI'd have my own there too. So I stocked up on lipstick, foundation creams,and eye shadow, and of course, hair conditioners. I even stopped to have myhair done professionally where I picked up a lot of pointers on grooming longhair, something Jack never had to do.Ben took me to the medical clinic for a checkup because of the prolongedexposure to hormones. After explaining my situation to the physician, how Ifelt and my intentions, he put me. The whole way home I was very excited about my “wish”. I knew that in the movie BIG, Tom Hanks did not get big until the morning. It was very hard to get to sleep that night, but I finally drifted off. In the morning I woke and did not immediately think about my wish, as I had a slight hangover from drinking to get to sleep last night. I walked into the bathroom to take a pee, still feeling very groggy. I looked into the full length mirror and stared at the reflection. There, hanging down.

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