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John had all of the lights out in their comfortably furnished clubroom, leaving only the light from the TV to light the room. The large wood paneled r...om had a pool table, a bar, and a large screen TV with a sofa and large chair in front of it.Thomas sat the beer on the coffee table, took one, and handed one to John. John had a bottle of wine chilling for Amy. The three of them sat on the sofa, with Amy in the middle."So what's the movie?" Thomas asked as if he cared."Star Wars, the hundredth. Blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, 5'2", 36 B perky tits, nice curve to her ass and lovely legs. I was, by contrast, 6'2", about 190 lbs with grey hair and blue eyes.We really did hit it off and spent the day going to the botanical gardens and wandering around there and then out to a Japanese restaurant for dinner that evening. We had a great time together and enjoyed each others company a lot. I gave her a chaste kiss before leaving late that evening and driving back home.During the days that. " Yeah, well, you were hitting the juice pretty hard last night. Time to pay the piper, I guess." At least he smiled at me sympathetically."Seeing any birds?" I asked to change the subject, since I was feeling kind of embarrassed about getting drunk.For the next hour, he pointed out birds to me, and I tried to find them in my binoculars. I had no idea birds could be so cool. This White-tailed Tropicbird hovered over us for a minute – a white bird, kind of large, with two long white streamers. ’ ‘I’d prefer to unless you object. You worked hard for the rank and deserve recognition. They don’t pass out those shiny silver birds for your collar like door prizes.’ ‘Thank you for the acknowledgement. I’m proud of my service to the Army. Did you serve?’ ‘Yes six years also army. Artillery.’ ‘Good for you. It’s nice to meet you, may I call you Don?’ ‘Please do.’ ‘I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other in the coming months then Don and I look forward to working with you.’ ‘Thank.

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