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Honey, despite all that you did to me, I still love you with all my heart [I know that technically, this shouldnt be in the wife category. But it is m... story&hellip,and Im posting all in that category, and others, for consistency.] ———————————- So you may be wondering how a small town gal grows into sex craved, cock loving, pussy needing, whore. One person is solely responsible&hellip,my college roommate and best friend and lover, Stephanie. We both starting college without any hometown. It seemed pretty easy. Anna, as she insisted I call her; basically took care of herself. I got to live with her for free. I couldn't have asked for a better job. She had a gorgeous six-bedroom house with a large swimming pool, something that I wouldn't be able to afford, especially since she lived in Connecticut.Things ran smoothly for the first two weeks of the summer. My boyfriend Jeff spent the night sometimes and her family didn't mind. Everyone except for Anna's grandson Alex left after. And she told me, “Not plain, dear, strawberry for me and chocolate for Sanvi.” I was shocked and excited. I got condoms from a nearby store.By the time we reached the hotel back, it was almost 10:30 pm. So Sanvi seemed tired and went to her room to sleep. She told Harita, “Mom, enjoy, see you tomorrow morning.”Then Harita and I went to the room. I stripped her saree bit by bit, and we went to shower all naked. She gave me a nice blowjob, and holding dick after the shower, she made me lie down. This caused my curiosity to rise. My mind started to race with all the possibilities and question. Why did Jeanette go out and change? What is she up to? Here I am sitting naked in the “shower” chair with Jeanette in front of me standing in a robe.After an estimated period of five to ten seconds, Jeanette starts to untie the belt of the robe, which started to reveal to me a black bikini and a very skimpy black bikini at that, especially the bikini bottom.The bikini bottom barely covered.

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