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By the way you are looking really good.” Gil said but then he looked Joni over again and quickly caressed her from her right temple to the bottom of...her jaw. And when Joni wasn’t looking he put his hand in his pocket and whipped it as clean as he could in there. Joni didn’t know that Gil just cleaned semen off of her face.“Well I’ve got to go. I told Susan and Mary that I would go look for Johnny for a bit. He’s really running late to his own party you know dude. Uh I mean dudette, uh sorry. The little meadow was surrounded on all sides by thick woods. The creek continued uphill towards it's source. Glenn smiled with approval, this was truly an idyllic spot.There was a little waterfall and pool formed by a fallen trunk and packed with years of accumulated debris.She spread the blanket out on a level area near the small pool, kicked off her flip flops and sank down, patting the spot beside her invitingly. Glenn set the food bag at the top of the blanket and plopped down beside her.. Then Kamala told me I have to help them in their work today and it was her command. I had no option said ok. She first told she has to sweep the floor and I must help her in that and said since Maala was a guest she wont do and hence only both will do that.She also told Maala that she must inspect my work. So the sweeping floor with hands started and to do that i had to be on my 4 legs lik a dog position. This would expose my ass and also balls from backside. My ass was opened thus showing them. Kumi told me it was OK to watch but not to speak, so I stood by and watched as the two girls moved away and Tatumas knelt down in front of him. She started by washing his cock and balls with a cloth and a separate bowl of water, then she dried him off and gave his erect cock a few wanks and said something in Japanese. The big boss smiled and everyone smiled with him. It seemed to me like they were all trying to please him and were scared to death of doing anything wrong.Tatumas then got one of.

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