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The only sounds were from Ellie moan and talking and my balls slapping against her pussy. Ellie clutched the sheets with her fingers. “Yes! Yes!�... she said over and over. I reached for a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, still slamming my cock into her slit. Ellie was grunting a groaning and was getting loud. I did not stop. This was not a teasing experience. That’s not what she wanted. This was as hard and fast as I could go; no stopping, no mercy fucking. Ellie’s moaning and. " Good to know," I added before I had us both stand up.She immediately wrapped her hands around my wood, and I grabbed onto her thighs. Then I puckered my lips and pushed them onto her neck a few times. I squeezed her thighs in the process, and she stroked my dick too."Oh, you're a lover too? I had no idea, Eric. Even though I'm eighteen, I still like a little foreplay too, but don't be afraid to grab my ass. It won't bite, I promise. I sucked your dick, and it didn't bite me at all, not that I. So licked them both, rimming each other's ass. It had a terrible taste but... something was addicting. I could not stop licking. Maybe they would offer me the black pussy after. After some minutes, they told me to go and be there tomorrow night at 19. They would give me a surprise and welcome me in the Black femdom society called the D.A.A.L.S.I was a bit confused but damn, I wanted to come back tomorrow and finally have that chance to lick those black pussies! It was tomorrow morning, I was. Just as I marked the name absent, a rather cute girl on the front row, piped up and said, “I’m Melinda Watkins.” I scratched out the “A” for absent and peered back at the student that had suddenly remembered her name.“Miss Watkins,” I matter-of-factly said, “Please pay attention.”The young lady, seemingly unfazed by my admonition, didn’t respond. She just sat there, stoically chewing on a wad of gum. I didn’t pay much attention to her manner of dress, except to note she was wearing a very short.

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