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As he closed the door behind them, gesturing for Henri to return to his duties, the actresses found themselves alone in the small room. In contrast wi...h the pleasant atmosphere outside the door, the office was strictly business. In addition to the couch, the office contained a desk with telephone and computer, two 4-drawer file cabinets which couldn't quite contain the boxes of files stuck in a corner, and one harried owner sitting in a chair scowling at the nuns. He tried to adopt a puzzled,. "I sighed with relief. "And that was all?" Well, no. I also said, 'Thank you, Uncle Randy, ' after I kissed you." You didn't touch..." NO! Not without your permission. You said during the massage that I couldn't, so I didn't." I guess I wasn't thinking again, was I?" You have an excuse. You've spent more time around Mom than I have. Now: I've answered your question, so you have to answer one for me."Apparently I'd also missed the part about reciprocal questions in the rules briefing. "What. I knew I was in the right place because there were armed guards, who looked like state police men at the gate. Fortunately there were no magnetometers for us to walk through. It would have been impossible of course, since the car I drove was metal. So was the 410 gauge stainless steel derringer inside my purse. Unfortunately, I would have to leave the pistol inside the locked car. There would likely be a search at the door with one of those cute hand wands and my handbag would also likely be. He stripped down to his boxers, and they went to work on practicing hismakeup. When Anna was satisfied with his makeup, she put a wig on him.This time when he saw his reflection he smiled. Seeing his mother's facesmiling back at him he knew he was not going to quit now. "I'm ready for lesson two," he said turning to Anna.Anna smiled back at him and handed him a pair of 3 inch heels. Hestepped into them and stood up. They were a good fit, but he feltawkward standing in them as he had never.

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