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Breaking free from the kiss, I watched amazed as the black flesh stretched the pink condom to its limits, much the same as my pussy will be once the l...ngth slides in my cunt! My eyes opened in surprise as H forced his finger deep inside me. H removed his finger and sat on the barstool opposite, inviting me to remove his black cock from the confines of his trousers. I bent over slightly, placing my right hand on his crotch and began to unzip his trousers. Jamal, standing behind me, snaked his. Brock smiled to himself as he waited for his skim mocha with whipped cream (and yes, he knew that the cream did kind of cancel out the skim part of the beverage but he loved it too much) in line at Starbucks. Even while placing the order Brock had thought about the probable thousand calories he was about to consume and did feel at least, oh about a second’s worth of guilt, hence the skim part of the equation. A little while back he’d had a dietician look at his weekly diet as part of his. I could feel the heat of his body as he got near me and covered me. I felt like a slave bitch about to be bred by a prize bull! Then I felt his hardon near the mouth of my pink pussy. I began cursing - cursing god and praising my Lord Satan! "Dear Satan, please don't let it hurt, but if is thy will, I will gladly bear the pain!"Suddenly I felt a searing pain as the head of his rock hard cock tore through the clamped ring of anal muscles. I cried out in pain and tried to squirm away from under. “My name, scream my name.” Seth commanded. “Seth!” Kallie yelled as a wave of pleasure crashed into her. “Louder,” Seth growled. “Let everyone upstairs know what I’m doing to you.” “SETH!” Kallie screamed, letting the waves consume her. “FUCK ME, SETH! FUCK ME! HARDER! OH, SETH!” She could hear Seth’s breath coming in short bursts as he pounded against her pussy, “Your pussy is a fucking dream. I wish I could fuck you in front of Trisha. If Trisha was here I would have her suck your tits..

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