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I’d suspected I wasn’t going to get a free ride that day; it was confirmed when Mel got me to hump most of the camera and light boxes for her. Hey... at least I felt almost useful, and a participant rather than a mere spectator.We’d arrived early so that I could meet Judy in person before the rest of the crew started asking questions.(So as not to embarrass myself TOO much after my big stereotyping fail with Lucas and Maya, I’d looked Judy up on the Internet. Tall, with shoulder-length. It was the sort of place the man thought that drew in hippies and goths and others outside of the norm. Why was he here again?"The Demon Plug", the woman waved her hands sarcastically. The young man looked down at the dark leather book cover to see the terrible title. Ah yes, he'd picked up the book to see what it could possibly be about. "...they think it's a myth. But it's totally real." The young man looked skeptical. Still trying to get a grasp of things, the woman continued, "Nobody knows. “Another boarder from this place said she has security concerns regarding this place. So I was sent to…Ma’am, are you okay?” He asked in a concerned tone as he suddenly saw that she was crying.“Yeah, it’s just a headache,” she said, trying to smile. He smiled back. She rushed into the living room and took a seat on the sofa.“Do you have medication here, ma’am? I can bring some if you’d like,” he said.“It’s ok, officer, it’ll go,” she said.“Ma’am,” he said as he stood at the door, between the. Carol and I fucked a lot and talked a lot. She kept reminding me that Ray might be different from Jim. Finally Friday night arrived and with it — promptly at seven o’clock — Ray pulls into the drive. Carol and I decided to use the family room. There was a soft rug on the floor. We had the lights down and the music soft. Joints and booze were ready.Carol was wearing a miniskirt — thigh high — and also a tank top. No bra or panties. Spike heels, of course, to make her legs look great. She had.

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