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Finally I feel the blows stop, and I let out a guttural moan, rocking my hips as much as I can. “Beg,” you say, your voice rough and very demandin..., and the begging quickly commences. “Oh, God, PLEASE Sir. Please PLEASE please… Sir, please fuck my pussy, Sir,” I beg, loud enough to ensure that everyone can hear it, wanting the room to get as much pleasure out of my begging as I was getting out of it. I roll my hips, moaning again. “Oh PLEASE fuck my tight, little pussy, Sir, PLEASE!?” I moan,. I wore her black bra n panty & red silk suit in which she looked red hot. She brought a black wig for me. Now I was looking a complete girl. No one could recognize me. To confirm, we went to the outside shop, where every one recognized me as ritu’s friend nimmy. I saw that every man’s eyes were on me. I was so excited that I realized that I had a hard on in the salwar. We went home & there started our fantasy. She dressed herself as a man. She wore my jeans & t-shirt in which she was really. I resisted the urge to mow them down in my rush while they stood gawking at the façade of every building, and arrived only fifteen minutes after I had left. Jean was in the main part of the store when I arrived, but Katherine was nowhere to be seen. There was also a pretty, petite sales girl talking to Jean. ‘Did you lose Katherine?’ I asked, putting down the bags and getting a kiss. ‘I am in here,’ said a muffled voice to my left coming from the changing room that had been canted so it was out. He sat with a sigh and gestured to another chair. I sat and he took a breath, “it seems I owe you a debt.”I smiled, “we all owe debts.”He smiled, “you saved my son.”I thought of the boy in the garden, “the one the man was going to harm.”He blinked, “lord Sonders.”He looked at the walls of books around the room, “I did not think he would try something like this. Lady Kent’s maid confirmed what my son said and I have summoned lord Sonders to the nobles court.”He looked at me, “she told us you had.

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