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The swollen mounds of her breasts were by now throbbing with desire, her nipples had become elongated and erect. Her entire loins were aflame with obs...ene desire.Suddenly she could hold herself back no longer. Uttering a savage little cry of pure desire and release, she reached around in back of herself and grabbed Black Fang's long animal penis, pulling it forward so that the tip of it pressed snugly against her tightly clenched little anus.The big wolf slavered and gasped, its haunches still. Boh jaake paaas ke church me saadi kii,aur uske baad woh bua ko choda,uske baad bua apne town ko lot gayi sailor ko ye bol ke kii boh aayegi, par wo nahi aayi,bua kuch din ke baad office me join ki,ur uske ek mahine baad bua gaai me usport me aaye the,us sailor ko lene jo unka husband ho chuka tha,port ka dusre sight jahan pe light nahi jalti us sight me gaadi ko park karke bua nangi hoke us boat pe gaye, ocha kuch sex korenge aur aayenge, par us pehle wo silor jo sarb pi ke pada tha, us se. We had to run a computer program that would transfer our essence into the other person's body simultaneously. We couldn't run the risk of leaving a body as an empty shell, but this also increased the risk. If something went wrong during the process, we were both screwed.We prepared for weeks before the fateful day arrived. Finally, we showed up at the lab at midnight on a Sunday, when no one else would be there. We connected the electrodes to our heads, and started the program sequence that. This was a massive turn on for me and for him as his cock tented through his slacks.I couldnt get his zipper down quick enough and as his meat dropped out I began to circle my tongue round its purple head ans tasted the sweet pre cum as it leaked out and down over his errection.Soon he was in the front seat and my dildo was replaced by two then three fingers as they slipped in and out of my pussy . I could not take much more of this so I asked if I could sit on his now engorged wet and.

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