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He had no doubt that when Raff and the others decided to leave that they would take Dixie; both as a hostage and because she was a very attractive wom...n. If they took off in the Jeep they'd figure they could outrun him and leave him behind. Then they'd feel free to do whatever they wanted with Dixie. Not on my watch, he promised himself.Casey returned to the area around the cabin and went to the storage area carved into the rock bluff. He went to the arms locker and surveyed the weapons. We set off towards the church and she told me she has four c***dren by three seperate men and no-one to share her life with, they all do what they want then fuck off and leave her."How old are you" I said "23" she replied, "You?" "44" as we walked closer towards the church. When we got there we walked round the back and there was some steps leading down towards a cellar, we looked at each other and went down the steps. At the bottom was a sheltered area which was dark but light also due to the. And this was her bonus round.The visitor motioned for the man, all but forgotten, to come over. "You've made me aware your sub has quite a thing for me. Since she's been a good girl to both you and I, I'll give her one last thrill." Leah lightly placed herself nose to nose with Jen and whispered. "put your arms around me slut and hold tight." She told the man to tie Jen's wrists together so she'd be fastened in the cunt's embrace. She then had the man gently place the dildo's head just inside. When I had my next three edits on the phone. I would make him so happy he wouldn’t care I was fucking both his sisters.Sam held my cock to her sister. It was so great to see them get along. They weren’t jealous over their crushes on me, but happy that they both could love me knowing that I would care for them as much as their mother. I remembered the true past, not the edited reality where Sam and Becky cared for each other. Loved each other.Shared their passion with me.Becky’s head leaned.

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