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On class I saw her often not having anyone walking with and so that when I knew I would strike. It was a thrusday dead of night I had mask on and I wa... armed with duct tape and a tazor. I came up beind her no so silently. She screamed I tazed her duct taped her mouth dragged her to my car and taped her up. Her eyes were terriified, I had never seen them like that in all of our years together. Then they grew even more terrified when I removed my mask and showed that it was me. She began crying. But I knew I was scared. I didn't thinkI would be able to wear skirts and dresses, not right away, buteverything else was fair game as far as Daddy was concerned. Since hehad final say over what I wore, to school and everywhere else, it wasn'teasy to avoid the obvious. But the embarrassment of shopping for my newschool clothes wasn't near as bad as that first day in ninth grade.Everything I wore from that day on was meant for girls: pants and jeans,tops, underwear, even socks and. From the patterns my research has thrown up I can see that when peoplesubconsciously recognize in others, the traits they dislike inthemselves, they often show the dislike of the trait by a dislike ofthat other person. In your case I think..."I paused briefly to process what I was saying, I think... I think...I'm sure they didn't notice my pause.I continued, "In your case I think you spotted an unhappiness in Davidthat allowed you to recognize your own unhappiness. And you took itout on. ’ ‘Listen,’ Larissa said, as she slithered towards me in the bed soon after we had returned from dinner on Saturday night, a strap of lingerie sliding off her shoulder. ‘Please, this time, stay still. Promise me. Don’t move. Let me take you. Let me do everything to you. I want to love and sex you like you are me and I am you.’ She slides the other strap down, and lets the black lace fall. Larissa, so lissome and lithe, so sultry and playful, a slyfox, nude and in heat. I can not refuse her.

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