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”In the 13th century, it was not uncommon for Christians to flog themselves in association with the flogging their savior suffered before his crucif...xion. There are still sects of Christianity today who practice self flagellation, such as the Carmelites. Though it isn’t related to Jesus, in Islam, for hundreds of years, the Shiites have also practiced whipping or beating themselves and many still do in the Middle East and Asia. Various mystics use whips on themselves to attempt to enter an. We thus lay for some minutes in an exquisite trance of delight. Her throbbing and internal peristaltic pressures, in which particular she even surpassed the extraordinary excellence of Louisa, though with less power of actual pressure at the entrance, were most delicious. Louisa could almost nip one's cock off. Without going so far, Mamma was perfect and most exciting, so that we did not long remain enjoying these delicious preliminaries but soon began more active operations.Fast and furious. "Look, everyone is already dispersed. I don't know what this was about, but it's over now. If you can identify who attacked you, you can press charges, but you'll have to counter your own attack on the other woman you ran over. Now, since this is over, I'm leaving," Gail said, starting to back up."Wait, don't you think we deserve an explanation?" the reporter pressed, doggedly advancing on her.I sent a quick 'Shut the fuck up and get the hell out of there!' to Clara, along with a follow up 'And. “A lot.”“Me, too!” Winter declared.“It is enjoyable, but I prefer cuddling,” I said.“Yes!” Birgit declared.“Oh, please!” Kara said, laughing softly.“What’s your pet name for me, Honey? Hmm?”“Never mind!”The girls finished their breakfasts, and I eventually managed to eat the rest of mine. Winter offered to clean up and Birgit offered to help her, so Kara and I went to the ‘Indian’ room.“Good move on the orgy,” I grinned.“And you? You do NOT like cuddles more than you like sex!”“Says you!” I.

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