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“Well?” she asked, chin shaking in nerves.“You first.”“Okay,” Samantha said without hesitation.Her hands shook as she lifted up her shirt ...o show what I now know was a training bra. Then, without ceremony, she used her thumbs to push up the remaining material that covered her chest, exposing her two mounds of flesh, each topped with a tiny, pale nipple.I stared at them for what seemed like a far too short of a time before she adjusted her clothing. Her face was a deep red, and she was breathing. Her waist was near my head. I was feeling a bit comfortable then. I could feel some inner desire burning in me. Since I couldn’t control any longer, I made some courage & rested my hands on her thighs. The moment I touched her, my cock sprang itself to life. Her silky smooth patiala’s were adding more pleasure. I rested my hands on her thighs. As I expected, none of my classmates bothered to look as I wasn’t anything bad. I pretended as if I was making myself comfortable. Only I & Anju knew. Moans of pleasure could be heard from both girls. After a few frames, Sheena got off the girl and offered her hand to help her off her back. The two girls walked to a wooden X with Velcro straps. They kissed and the blond helped the black girl onto the cross. Sheena strapped the girl onto the cross as the girl willingly spread herself. Sheena kissed and stroked the young black girl with a velvet cloth. The scene ended with the girl shaking and crying out in pleasure.The next scene showed the. We had broughtalong another gas cooking stove, a generator for light, etc, & some ice chestsas well as 1 small electric freezer. We could keep it frozen with the generator.By now it was about 1:30 pm. we still had plenty of time to do some moredredging & to show the boys how it was done. We also wanted the girls to joinus at the dredge. We had a large wooden sluice box we had built attached to ourdredge. The girls job was going to be keeping it running smooth by tossing thelarge rocks out of.

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